Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Study on Bioinformatics Algorithms: Synopsis

    This dissertation “A Study on BioInformatics Algorithms” analysis the situations, which may lead us and drive towards the Best solution for Motif Finding Problems. So far, we do not find any best method for this problem. Exhaustive Search Method is the only perfect solution for the about problem. But the time taken for execution of this algorithm is not optimal.

        The Other algorithmic approaches like Randomized algorithms and Greedy Methods provides only partial and feasible solutions to this problem. More over the software that implements this algorithm for this problem are based on Single Processor System. This is like, “A Ghost counting the sand on the seashore”.  To bring effective solution, we need an array of Microprocessors that should be employed with the help of the Distributed Operating System. Since Distributed Computing is an emerging trend in the Field of Computer Science, We do not have any standardized OS on this area.

    Java language from Sun Microsystems provides the solution through its proprietary protocol   named as Remote Method Invocation (RMI). This technology is coming under Distributed Computing, where ‘N’ numbers of Microprocessors like Intel Pentium IV are utilized to solve this problem that has large set of input values. Here I prescribe the solution through this Distributed Computing based RMI technology.

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