Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Study on Bioinformatics Algorithms: Conclusion

           My thesis work is concluded at this point due to my timing restriction. So Far, in the past one year, I learned about Molecular Biology, Genetics, Genome, and Immunology. From these basic ideas, I learned about Sequence alignment techniques in DNA sequence. Next I started learning about BioInformatics Algorithms with the background idea of Computer Algorithms.  I feel the real aim of computer science is to solve the challenging problems posted by Life Science. 

          Every work done here is with full of enthusiasm and inner pleasure in my mind. I am really happy to inform our scientific community that we have solution for Motif Finding Problem through the emerging technologies like Client Server Computing, Three Tier Architecture, and Distributed Computing Models.

          The Chapter 13.4.3 of my thesis work provides the climax for my script. The Solution provided here is based on the RMI technology invented by Sun Microsystems. I altered the Three Tire Architecture model according to our needs. I mean instead of using a single RMI server for our application, I used ‘N’ number of RMI servers; the input is divided in to N subsets and assigned into ‘N’ RMI servers. By the way, the problem will be solved quickly. If We need ‘T’ seconds to solve this Motif Finding Problem with One CUP, the same problem can be solved by  ( T / N )  seconds, when ‘N’ number  of CPUs are employed in a Distributed Approach.

         My thesis work is only the end of the beginning of my efforts, but not the beginning of the end. I hope that I will drive myself to solve the Biological problems with computational approach in the forth-coming 30 years.

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