Sunday, January 12, 2014

Computer Science Quiz

1. What is the expansion for MIPS?
   Million Instructions Per Second
2. What is the default port number for FTP server?
3 .Which company  acquired Sun Microsystems on January 27, 2010?
      Oracle Corporation.
4. What does BIOS stand for?
     Basic Input Output System
5. What does CGI stand for?
       Common Gateway Interface
6. What does AJAX stands for?
        Asynchronous JavaScript and XML
7. What does UDP stands for?
      User Datagram Protocol
8. What is the hexadecimal Unicode character range for Tamil?
   0B80 to 0BFF
9. What is the name given for Class D IP address?
    Multicast Addressing
10. How many bits are used in Internet Protocol version 6 address (IPv6)?
       128 bits
11. How many bits are used in Internet Protocol version 4 address (IPv4)?
      32 bits
12. What does IEEE stands for?
       Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

13. Who is the chairman of HCL Infosystems   ltd?

14. Who is the chairman and Chief Strategy Officer of HCL Technologies?


15.Who is the chairman of Wipro Ltd?

    Azim Premji

16.Who is the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of TCS?

      N Chandrasekaran
17.Who is the  vice Chairman of Cognizant Technology Solutions?
     Lakshmi Narayanan
18. What is the name of the browser released by Google?
19.What is the old name of the software Google Earth ?
      Earth Viewer 3D
20.What is the name of the India’s first supercomputer?
    PARAM 8000
21. Which company designed Dual Core A5 chip that are used in iPhone 4?
22. Which company  developed  the RDBMS software DB2?
23.What does ODBMS stands for?
     Object Database Management System
     Object-Oriented Database Management System

24. What is the command that translates Java source code into Java byte code?
25. What is the command that execute java byte code?
26. How many basic data types available in Java?
27. What is the old name of Java?
28.What does SCJP stands for?
     Sun Certified Java Programmer
29.What does SCJD stands for?
     Sun Certified Java  Developer
30. What is the name of the first web based email service available in Internet?
31.What does NASSCOM stands for?
      National Association of Software and Services Companies
32. Who is the chairman of NASSCOM?
       Rajendra Singh Pawar
33.Who is the chairman of  NIIT Technologies Ltd?
      Rajendra Singh Pawar
34.Who is the founder of  Wikileaks web site?
   Julian Assange
35. Which is the header file that supports clrscr() function in C?

36.Who is the CEO of Microsoft?
 Steve Ballmer
37.Who is the Chairman of Microsoft?
Bill Gates
38. Who is the Chief Technology officer of Microsoft?
  Norman Judah
39 What is the secret name given for the creation of the Java language?
37.What is the name of the country  that has  Avira  company  head office?
38. What does pixel stands for in a display device?
      Picture Element
39. What is the default port number for Telnet server?
40.What is the range of port numbers used in computer network?
      0 to 65535
41. How many bits are used to describe port numbers in computer network?
       16 bits
42. What does URL stands for?
      Uniform Resource Locator
43. What does HTTP stands for?
      Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
44. What does ARPANET stands for?
       Advanced Research Project Agency Network

45.Who is the founder of WWW?
    Tim Bernes Lee
46. Which company developed UNIX operating system?
     AT&T Bell Lab
47.What does NIC stands for in India?
     National Informatics Center
48. What does C-DOT stands for in India?
      Center for Development of Telematics
49. What is the name given to the convergence of the two fields biology and computer science?
50. Who invented Boolean algebra?
     George Boole
51. What does NSA stands for in USA?
      National Security Agency
52. What does MSDN stands for in Microsoft?
      Microsoft Developer Network
53. What does MFC stands for in Microsoft?
       Microsoft Foundation Class
54. What does JFC stands for in Sun Microsystems?
      Java Foundation classes
55.What is the term used for the process of converting plain text into cipher text?


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